Managing Products of the Human Mind


Recent publications include:

  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI) System (2008)
    article for the third edition of the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences
  • Content Industry Standards Activities (2007)
  • The Handle System (2007)
  • Naming and Meaning: key to the management of intellectual property in digital media (2006)
    Europe-China Conference on Intellectual Property in Digital Media (IPDM06)
  • Identifier Interoperability: A Report on Two Recent ISO Activities (2006)
    D-Lib Magazine, April 2006
  • Two practical examples of issues in internet governance (2005)
    Internet Governance Forum, Oxford Internet Institute.
  • Digital Object Identifiers for scientific data (2005)
    Data Science Journal, Vol. 4, pp12-20, 28 April 2005.
    (also available at
  • Components of DRM Systems: Identification and Metadata (2003)
    in E. Becker et al (eds), "Digital Rights Management: Technological, Economic, Legal and Political Aspects in the European Union" in the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Springer-Verlag, 2003), pp 26-61.
  • DOI: a 2003 Progress Report (2003)
    D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 9, No. 6, June 2003.
  • On Making and Identifying a Copy (2003)
    D-Lib Magazine, Jan 2003