Managing Products of the Human Mind


Welcome to the web site of Tertius Ltd. Tertius provides consultancy services in the digital management of information.

Norman PaskinThe principal of Tertius, Dr. Norman Paskin, is a consultant on standards for identification and structured management of content on digital networks, and related issues concerning management of products of the human mind. He was the first Director of the International DOI (Digital Object Identifier) Foundation, established in 1998 by a number of international publishing trade bodies to support the needs of the intellectual property community in the digital environment by establishing a common infrastructure for the persistent identification of content. Tertius Ltd continues to provide management services for the International DOI Foundation, and also engages in other work including with the Corporation for National Research Initiatives.

Prior to setting up Tertius, Norman worked for twenty years in the scientific publishing industry in both the U.S. and Europe, in roles including editorial, management, and information technology development. He holds a PhD in biochemistry and has interests in aspects of computer science, logical analysis, and critical rationalism.

Norman Paskin is based in Oxford, U.K.;  Tertius Ltd. clients are international.



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