Managing Products of the Human Mind


Tertius Ltd is a small consultancy specialising in "Managing Products of the Human Mind", notably through precise identification and description of content objects for management on digital networks. Tertius provides management services for the International DOI Foundation (IDF). The DOI® is a standard persistent interoperable identifier for the intellectual property communities (including text, music, images, and multimedia), which can work with existing identifiers and internet technology and which takes advantage of leading developments in naming and semantic interoperability. The DOI uses the Handle System® as one of its components, and provides semantic interoperability through ontology analysis (such as the ISO/IEC 21000-6 data dictionary, for which IDF is the registration authority.

Tertius is assisting the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI) in selected business development and related outreach activities that promote the use of CNRI-developed technology based on digital object architecture, including the Handle System and repository technology. CNRI undertakes, fosters, and promotes research in the public interest, focussed on strategic development of network-based information technologies, providing leadership and funding for research and development of the National Information Infrastructure. Other current clients include the European Commission (Office of Official Publications).

Norman participates in a range of other activities including:

  • Handle System Advisory Committee
  • CONTECS Consortium (International DOI Foundation, Motion Picture Association, International Federation of Phonographic Industries, DentsuMMG, Rightscom)
  • ISO TC46/SC9: Information and Documentation - Identification and Description
  • Digital Strategy Group, Technical Sub-Committee (International Federation of Reprographic Rights Organisations)
  • Identifiers and Metadata committee (British Standards Institute, IDT/2/18)
  • Editeur (Electronic Commerce in book and serials sectors) Steering Group
  • PALS Metadata and Interoperability committee (UK Joint Information Systems Committee)
  • National Information Standards Organisation (USA): Discovery to Delivery Topic Committee